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How To Buy Meme Coins On Solana? – A Step-By-Step Guide For Beginners

How to buy meme coins on Solana - Featured image - a man in a meme coin store

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Meme coins within the Solana ecosystem are a unique and playful part of the crypto world. Like other meme coins, they’re inspired by internet jokes or pop culture. They run on the Solana blockchain, which offers them super fast transactions with low fees. Nowadays there are stories about people made 10x – 10,000x by trading these coins in just days. So if you want to try your knowledge and boost your portfolio value, here we give you a step-by-step guide about how to invest in meme coins in the Solana ecosystem.

Buying Solana Meme Coins: A Step-by-Step Guide

What you need to buy these coins are depends on how would you like to do it. However whether you’re using a centralized exchange (CEX) or a decentralized exchange (DEX), there are some common steps in the process. First let’s see how to buy meme coins on the most common way.

Through Centralized Exchanges (CEX)

These exchanges like Binance act as intermediaries for the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. If you choose this way to acquire your tokens you need to know that on these exchanges the major meme coins available (like BONK or WIF), not all. So here’s how you can use them to buy meme coins on the Solana network:

  • Choose a trusted exchange: choose one that offers your selected token. Top exchanges you might already known are Binance, Kucoin or OKX.
How to buy meme coins on Solana - Binance landing page
Image: Binance landing page
  • Sign up an account: just sign up your account, maybe you can choose one click steps like connect with Google. When you are ready you can verify your account.
  • Deposit funds: deposit funds into your account. You can use traditional money (like USD or EUR) through bank transfers, credit cards, or other payment methods. Of course if you have other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum they are also possible to send them into your exchange’s wallet.
  • Buy Solana (SOL): depends on the offered trading pairs you might need to acquire Solana (SOL) first on the trading interface.
  • Trade SOL for meme coins: Search for the Solana meme coin you want to buy and trade your SOL for it.

Through Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)

You can also buy the selected token on DEXs. They offer all of the accepted and verified meme coins on the Solana blockchain. However if you can’t search for the selected token, you can search for its token address on DexScreener. Just copy paste it. Let’s see the steps:

  • Select a wallet: choose a wallet with Solana support. We recommend you to use Phantom, but other Solana-compatible wallets like Trust wallet also works. Make your account and make sure that you write down the 12 security phrases on a paper, because without them you can’t access your wallet at recovery. Anyway you can add Phantom wallet as an extension browser or download to your mobile. In addition these “external” wallets add an extra layer of security to your assets.
  • Buy SOL: if you don’t already own SOL, you’ll need to purchase some. You can do it on a CEX, as described above. Or with Phantom you can click “Buy” and use MoonPay or Coinbase Pay options.
  • Transfer SOL to your wallet: move the purchased SOL to your Solana wallet. This usually involves copy/paste your wallet’s address. On a CEX you can do it after selecting the withdraw option.
  • Choose a DEX: find a decentralized exchange that lists the Solana meme coin you’re interested in. Popular Solana DEXs are platforms like Jupiter and Raydium. In this case you need to connect your wallet to it. Just click the “Connect Wallet” button and use your wallet.
How to buy meme coins on Solana - Jupiter finance landing page
Image: Jupiter finance landing page
  • Swap SOL for meme coins: once connected, look for the swap or trade section. Select SOL as the currency you’re selling and the meme coin you want to buy. Confirm the details and execute the trade. As we mentioned before if you can’t find the token, you can go to DexScreener and check for its token address. Then just copy/paste it instead of the token name.

Considerations for Beginners Investing in Meme Coins

If you are beginner to the crypto world but you want to be a meme coin investor you should consider risks. Meme coins are volatile so you need to focus on risk management.

As most of these coins are low in liquidity these markets sometimes manipulated. So you always should check how much you can afford to lose as this market can lead to potential losses. Thorough research and due diligence are key – understand the liquidity, market trends, and the technology behind your investments to make informed decisions.

Community engagement and staying informed always important in successful investing. By keeping these considerations in mind, you can enjoy the dynamic and engaging world of meme coins while managing your investment risks wisely.


Purchasing Solana meme coins can be an exciting entry into the cryptocurrency world. Whether you choose a centralized or decentralized exchange, the most important is to research and understand the process. Start small and learn as much as you can. Happy trading!


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