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How To Farm The Sanctum Airdrop On Solana?

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We rarely share Solana-related airdrops, but now we’re making an exception with the Sanctum airdrop. The project recently confirmed their Wonderland campaign, which offers a great opportunity for extra profit in addition to liquid staking. Let’s see what you should do to gain Sanctum airdrop EXPs.

How To Farm Sanctum Airdrop Points?

Basically you need to join your wallet, then follow the on-screen steps to enrol in Wonderland. In the Sanctum airdrop using our referral code is a good choice, because by it you stand a chance to win bonus EXP at the end of Seson 1. For more information check out the details.

  • First of all you need a Solana compatible wallet like Phantom wallet, which one we recommend to use. If you don’t have an account, just create your wallet after opening your extension. NOTE: write down the seed phrase on a paper and make sure you are the only one that can read it, as they are key for your wallet.
  • Visit Sanctum and connect your wallet with your SOLs. If somehow our invite code doesn’t appear, you can use Sanctum without our code, or just copy/paste ‘YYIBP0’. Now you are connected with the site and your account is ready to earn rewards. But how to do it?
  • When you join Wonderland and have at least 0.1 SOL in LST, you get a Pet. These Pets gain EXP as you hold more LST – every 1 SOL of LST earns 10 EXP per minute. Pets use this EXP to level up and change forms, which is essential for the Sanctum airdrop (to view them, click on the “EXP” button). Additionally, every LST earns a 10% annual return. So, it’s a good idea to convert any extra Solana you have into LST. The developers have said they like the airdrop method used by Kamino, suggesting two main strategies: keeping your investments in one wallet and planning to hold them long-term. There might be more advantages to holding LSTs, but that’s still uncertain.
sanctum airdrop sanctum pets
Image: Sanctum’s pets
  • It’s wise to put half your SOL into INFSOL and spread the rest across three to four other LSTs, as most people typically invest just 1-2 SOL in these additional LSTs. Focus on LSTs linked to protocols likely to offer airdrops, such as Hsol (helium), Bonksol (bonk), JUPsol (Jupiter), and Dsol (drift). Details on the advantages of various LSTs are provided later in the article. Alternatively, you could mainly invest in INFSOL and just put the minimum 0.1 SOL into each pet to collect all 18. There’s no confirmed extra benefit to this, but we’ve done it. Currently, I have 75% of our investment in INF, at least 0.15 SOL in each pet, and between 1-5 SOL in the previously mentioned LSTs.
  • You can deposit your INF LST into a special pool and still earn 10 EXP per minute for every 1 SOL of INF. This setup allows you to gain EXP from both Wonderland and other places like Solend, Marginfi, and Kamino simultaneously. Here are some pools where you can deposit your INF: Kamino, Marginfi, Solend.
  • When you take part in Community Quests in Wonderland, you help unlock more features and have a chance to earn EXP Multipliers for your Pets. These Multipliers speed up how quickly your Pets gain EXP. You can unlock them by completing quests that need teamwork within the community.
  • Keep track of the Referral Cupcakes in the Sanctum airdrop. You receive them from referrals and watch how your Pets level up.

All About The Sanctum Project

Sanctum does more than just help people earn extra money on Solana as it introduces smart features that solve big problems for its users. If you want your regular SOL back, Sanctum makes this very easy with its swapping feature. It also has a Router feature, which is like being able to transfer your SOL instantly to another place if they offer you better returns. The Infinity Pool allows different types of SOL to interact and exchange smoothly, improving efficiency. Additionally, the validators, who check transactions on Solana, can create their own pools to share some of their earnings with users, potentially increasing their income.

Despite other options for liquid staking on Solana, less than 5% of staked SOL uses these methods, showing a need that Sanctum aims to fill. It merges the best parts of traditional and liquid staking – no fees, immediate access to your money, choosing your validators, and usability throughout the Solana network. Backed by significant funding (over $6 million) from leading web3 venture capitalists, Sanctum is set for major growth. It has already established a system that combines all liquidity, started the Infinity feature, won the LFG launchpad competition, and introduced the Wonderland points program (the Sanctum airdrop program), focusing now on growing its LST offerings and improving its services.

sanctum airdrop sanctum landing page
Image: Sanctum’s landing page

Sanctum’s approach helps create a more connected and effective staking ecosystem on Solana. It makes it possible for smaller players to start an LST with less money and allows bigger players to benefit from shared liquidity. Its products, like the Router and Infinity, not only make money through fees but also ensure a reliable and secure platform for users and validators. This supportive environment encourages growth while keeping high standards for safety and efficiency.

However, worries about how well validators perform and the risks of pooling liquidity are taken seriously. Sanctum deals with these concerns through a strict vetting process and regular adjustments within the Infinity Pool. This ensures that only trustworthy validators are part of the ecosystem and that risks with liquidity are minimized, keeping user interests safe as the platform grows and adds new pools.

The Bottom Line

It’s always great when a project confirms its airdrop. Sanctum did that and now we have a clear idea how to farm the Sanctum airdrop. It needs investment for sure, but when a project declares the program so detailed like Sanctum did, there’s always hope for a fair airdrop. We hope you find our airdrop guide useful! If you browse our site for airdrop strategies you can find from free testnet to more advanced guides. If you are a beginner and need a free airdrop, you can read our Taiko airdrop article. Good luck in the land of airdrop farming!


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