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How To Farm Tensor Points? – Everything You Need To Know

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The Solana blockchain is going big this year. There are a lot of promising projects on it with potential airdrops. One of these, and perhaps the most exciting, is the Tensor project, a platform for trading NFTs. In this article, after a brief introduction to the platform, we will show you step-by-step how to participate in a potential airdrop.

A Complete Review How To Farm Tensor Points After Season 2

Well in this season Tensor decided to hide all the points earned due to airdrop abusers. But the system works so let’s see how to qualify for a possible airdrop on this platform.

First of all you have to visit Tensor, just click here. Now on the top right corner you can choose the “Connect Wallet” link so you can connect your wallet. Fortunately Tensor accepts a lot of wallets with the most recommended ones like MetaMask or Phantom.


Now you have connected to the platform which just drops you to your inventory page where you can see your NFT holdings on Tensor. Also on the top right you can see 100% loyalty which depends on your listings on Tensor versus other marketplaces. Use a wallet which has only Tensor listings to keep loyalty on 100%.

Now you have to decide how much SOL you want to risk for the airdrop as there are two possible way to earn points. With a higher risk and with higher deposit you can use Tensorians (you can find them in the collections on the top left corner) as using them make you access for referrals (each for 5% boost forever) and also they could help your level ups. This is probably a guaranteed way to get rewarded by Tensor tokens at a possible airdrop.

But in this review we show the cheaper way. To make points you have to trade NFTs. We recommend you that at the collections click the floor and 24h volume to find a cheap and affordable collection.

Now you can choose whatever NFT you want to buy and on the left you can SWEEP them for SOLs. However you can also use “Buy with card/ETH”. After the purchase the selected NFTs will shown up in your inventory page. Here you can now select them and sell them. If you aren’t familiar with NFTs probably listing them with a little profit could work.

So buying and selling NFTs is the cheap way to collect points. Doing these steps daily or weekly could work to be part of the airdrop.

Also you can use the price lock option collecting points. Here you are able to long/short NFTs for 7 days for as little as 3.5% fee. You can “play with the calculator” to understand and calculate the reward/loss or risks before doing fund locks.

What Is Tensor?

Tensor is an NFT marketplace on the Solana blockchain, designed especially for expert traders. It stands out by offering high-level trading features. These include a full history of candlestick pricing, automated market-making (AMM) pools tailored for NFTs, and the quickest real-time data available on Solana. Tensor lets users do a variety of actions like sweeping NFT floors in bulk, placing bids, and listing or delisting NFTs, all while ensuring a swift and dependable trading experience on the Solana network.

how to farm tensor points - tensor landing page
Image: landing page of Tensor

Regarding security, Tensor NFT maximizes the inherent security aspects of blockchain technology. This includes the unchangeable nature and cryptographic verification to ensure the authenticity and completeness of its stored data. It also boasts superior interoperability thanks to its smart contract and network design, facilitating seamless interactions.

Furthermore, Tensor enhances functionality by enabling the storage and transfer of complex and dynamic data associated with NFTs and inscriptions, providing vital information for trading activities. Additionally, it opens doors for more advanced applications in fields like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and decentralized finance.

The platform was co-founded in 2022 by Richard Wu and Ilja Moisejevs. Prior to Tensor, Ilja Moisejevs was instrumental in the development of compressed NFTs. These are digital assets that are more accessible and less costly to spread. They minimize the required data into a ‘hash’ or ‘fingerprint’, stored in the Solana ledger through ‘state compression’, a method utilizing Merkle trees.

In terms of financial backing and collaborations, Tensor has garnered significant support. It’s backed by entities like Solana Ventures, Placeholder VC, and the founders Toly and Raj, making it one of the largest NFT marketplaces on Solana. The platform raised $3 million in a seed funding round led by Placeholder, with contributions from other key investors including Solana Ventures and Big Brain Holdings.


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