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How To Farm The Grass Airdrop? – Make Points While Browsing

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Cutting the grass with your lawnmower is great, but what if you were to use a robot one so that it would all happen by itself. Grass is something similar. You can farm points there by simply being online. They will only ask you to use their software and let them use your unnecessary bandwidth. In this article we show you how to farm the Grass airdrop and how it works. 

Beginner’s Guide – How To Farm The Grass Airdrop?

The scenario is easy, you only need to register an account and install their extension to your browser. They require a referral code to let people in, but don’t worry, we have one for you. And how does Grass make this possible? The project sells their users unused internet bandwidth to corporations. Without any words, their application runs in the background of your computer. Follow the next steps:

  • To be eligible for the Grass airdrop, first you need to register an account for yourself, what you can do on Grass. By using our link you can access the site after registration, but if you don’t, just use this code: ‘jCdKMKNNgstryBS’.

grass airdrop register page

  • Now you will install Grass. Go to the dashboard and click ‘Connect’ at the top right corner, or go directly to the extension. Install it and sign up. Check your dashboard if you can see your connected device or not. If not, click on refresh.
  • For extra points you can go for Galxe quests. Those are easy social tasks. If you don’t have a Galxe account, download MetaMask wallet, create an account and connect your MetaMask to your Galxe at the top right corner on the quests page. This quest will be ending soon on April 30, so you should hurry! If you missed it, don’t worry, that doesn’t count that much.

grass airdrop galxe quests

If you are here, your setup is ready and you’ve already been farming the grass airdrop points. By the way, the faster your internet connection the better as it results in a higher airdrop token volume. For making more points you can refer friends, and when they have spent 100 hours online using the app, their points will count for you too (20%) with an additional 2,500 point bonus. And you can even add extra networks or devices.

What Is Grass And How Does It Work?

Grass is a Layer 2 Data Rollup on top of the Solana blockchain. It improves AI development by collecting efficient data. It uses a network of web scraping nodes to gather, clean and then organize publicly available web data. These datasets are for training AI models. However their system is more complex, including Validators, Routers and Grass Nodes.

Each part helps the system function. Validators verify data like web transactions, and produce zk-SNARK proofs to secure data. Routers are responsible for data flow and node connectivity. And finally the Grass Nodes, they utilize unused bandwidth to access and transmit public web data. Basically the users run these Grass Nodes.

The project was developed by Wynd Labs, and they had a successful $3.5 million worth seed funding round with names like Polychain Capital. Grass was backed by Bitscale, Typon V, and Big Brian.


The Grass airdrop provides a great way to make some extra by being part of the blockchain ecosystem. The collected Grass points were traded at a price of $0.003 in March. It’s unpredictable the list price, but as you don’t need to do literally anything after installing the Grass extension, we think it is worth a try. You can find more tutorials for free or testnet airdrops on our site, like our beginner friendly Berachain or Taiko ecosystem airdrop guides.


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