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LayerZero Airdrop Guide – Possibly The Biggest Airdrop In 2024

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LayerZero is an interoperability protocol which has the biggest airdrop potential in 2024. They have confirmed to distribute their native token, $ZRO within an airdrop event. The TBD date in June also confirmed. Your LayerZero airdrop eligibility depends on your activity in the LayerZero ecosystem. In this article, we give you a step-by-step guide about how to be most likely eligible for the airdrop. Note that it’s not a free or testnet activity airdrop, but still not late to join the LayerZero airdrop which is slated for the first half of 2024!

Step-By-Step Guide For LayerZero Airdrop

There’s no fixed announcement about what exactly to do to be eligible, but we have collected most of the activities to show, and we feel this guide should be enough for the eligibility. So let’s see how to interact in the LayerZero ecosystem, what DApps you should use and what activities you need to do.

First of all, check Wenser and learn about it a little bit. Basically you need your wallet address then copy/paste it for the selected airdrop checker. The higher your points, the better! (NOTE: due to high traffic you need to purchase lifetime access to reach this option which costs around $4/wallet)

LayerZero airdrop

  • 1. – The next step is to bridge crosschain. We recommend you use the Jumper exchange as it will also have an airdrop. IMPORTANT: in the settings tab under bridges, just deselect all bridges except stargate as we want to use that. Bridge as much as you can afford while using Wenser for your points. Also keep in mind that you need to have native coins on your destination chains too! Anyway if you would like to use a route Jumper doesn’t offer, just go directly to Stargate. And we suggest you use chains that have cheap transaction fees instead of using Ethereum network (but probably one transaction to an other chain then back worth it). Numbers say that the lowest fees are on the weekend. And finally bridge some ETH to the Optimism network too. In this scenario, your goal is to make as many bridges as you can (the more source/destination pairs, the better and with a sum value of $5000 at least).
LayerZero airdrop - jumper bridges
Image: choose bridges and deselect all except Stargate
  • 2. – Now you have to use the Aptos bridge, where you will bridge some ETH to the Aptos network in lzETH. At the bridge, you will see that from (use Arbitrum or Optimism) your source chain, the ETH will arrive in WETH instead of lzETH to your destination Aptos network, but don’t worry, it just says it’s a “Wrapped” ETH. Here we recommend you create a Petra wallet as a new Aptos compatible wallet. At this bridge select “Gas on destination” as ON! Now swap some of your lzWETH for Aptos on the Aptos sushi swap. And finally bridge back the rest of your lzWETH to your source chain, but make sure that “Gas on destination” is off this time.
layerzero airdrop aptos bridge
Image: Aptos bridge – Arbitrum -> Aptos
  • 3. – The final must have step is to farm, stake and add to pool on Stargate Finance.
    – Add liquidity to the pool: after selecting the pool menu at the top of the Stargate starting page, select the Arbitrum network and the Token ETH. We prefer adding about 0.03 ETH to this pool. For this you will get LPT tokens.
    – Farm with your LPT tokens: Now select “Farming” at the top of Stargate and participate with all of your LPT tokens. (Such as the pool interaction here you also can do it on one more chain (or more if you can), like Linea.)
    – Stake $STG tokens: this allows you to take part in the Stargate governance and earn some rewards. But our main goal is to get eligibility for the airdrop. So use Jumper exchange again. Select the Arbitrum network as the source and destination network too, but ETH as source and STG as destination (use the upper STG with the token address: 0x6694340fc020c5E6B96567843da2df01b2CE1eb6), and swap a minimal amount, like 5-10 STG. Go back to Stargate, where you choose the “Stake” menu at the top and just stake all your STG. We use 3 years stake lock, but possibly less is enough too.
layerzero airdrop stargate arbeth pool
Image: Stargate’s Arbitrum – ETH pool
  • 4. – Finally use the LayerZero testnet bridge. Here you should bridge some ETH from a low fee network to Sepolia. This is all about letting the developers acquire testnet tokens without faucets. So we beleive 1-2 micro transaction would be enough.

Additional LayerZero Airdrop Tasks

Great! You’ve just finished all the main tasks we believe enough for the LayerZero airdrop. Make sure that you bridge daily to get your Wenser score up! Join LayerZero Discord and follow their Twitter too! And here are some extra tasks to do. Also check back weekly till the airdrop as we fresh this guide if we find any extra task to do!

  •  Get some JOE tokens on Arbitrum and bridge them to Avax and back. To get JOEs you can use UniSwap, and for bridging here is the TraderJoeXYZ.
  • Mint Clusters domain, that built on LayerZero. If you use a Solana wallet it could be cheaper.
  • Getting Gitcoin Passport could be a booster for your LayerZero airdrop size as it’s for verifying your humanity.
  • On Rage Trade, which is a DEX, you can open positions on perpetuals and deposit into vaults with USDC and GLP tokens.

What Is LayerZero?

LayerZero is an interoperability protocol designed to enable secure and seamless communication between distinct blockchain networks. It functions as an infrastructure layer that facilitates direct, trust-minimized message passing across blockchains. By leveraging a combination of Light Nodes and off-chain Oracle and Relayer components, LayerZero ensures the integrity and authenticity of cross-chain transactions.

layerzero airdrop LZ landing page
Image: LayerZero’s landing page

The protocol’s architecture is crafted to support a broad spectrum of decentralized applications (DApps), fostering a more interconnected and efficient blockchain ecosystem. Through its innovative approach, LayerZero aims to drive the adoption of cross-chain functionalities, empowering developers to create versatile and integrated blockchain solutions.


The upcoming LayerZero airdrop could be huge in the airdrop scene. It’s hard to predict the upper limit of LayerZero airdrop in value for participants, but from previous airdrops such as Arbitrum or Optimism, we believe that the upper limit can reach $20,000. All you have to do is just follow our guide and make the main tasks and daily bridges and increase your Wenser score. And always take care about the destination network when bridging, that they have some native token to pay for fees.


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