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Lufthansa Group Launched an NFT Based Loyalty Program on Polygon Network

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Uptrip and the Lufthansa Group have launched a new loyalty program where participants can earn NFTs during their travels via blockchain technology. However, these are more than just NFTs, as they come with various extra benefits.

You’re probably familiar with Lufthansa, and maybe you’ve even travelled with them, as the Germany-based airline is one of the largest in the market. The loyalty program is not limited to Lufthansa, as it covers all airlines in the group. Such as Eurowings, SWISS and Edelweiss Air, Austrian and Brussels Airlines.

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Lufthansa NFT Collection & Rewards

Let’s get to the fun part: you can collect Lufthansa NFTs when travelling with these airlines (and of course as an Uptrip user). You can scan your boarding pass to receive digital trading cards in different themes depending on your destination, the type of flight, or even a special holiday. If you finish a collection, you can win special rewards. These include free in-flight Wi-Fi, airport VIP lounge access or even redeemable mileage points.

Plus, if you like to swap, travel and see the world, you’ll love it because Uptrip plans to make user-to-user swaps available with future updates, giving you more opportunities to collect a full collection.

Loyalty on Blockchain Network

The Uptrip platform is developed by Lufthansa Innovation Group and is built on the Polygon Ethereum network. Cofounder Jaynti Kanani is the current CEO of Polygon. He developed the project alongside Sandeep Nailwal, cofounder and chief operating officer, and Anurag Arjun, cofounder and chief product officer. The trio created Polygon in 2017. Back then, it was called Matic Network.

To date, Uptrip has been tested by more than 20,000 users who have already collected more than 200,000 NFTs, validating the possibility of redefining loyalty programmes. So stay alert and don’t miss this great opportunity on your travels!


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