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Aloha Browser Announces Bitcoin Integration for Aloha Crypto Wallet 4m ago by

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October 25, 2023 – Limassol, Cyprus

Aloha Browser has announced a key integration update to its Aloha Crypto Wallet, adding in Bitcoin support.

This update aligns perfectly with Aloha’s objective of making cryptocurrency management as straightforward as ABC.

It aims to simplify the process of trading, swapping and exchanging popular cryptocurrencies, and the integration of Bitcoin is a substantial stride towards this goal.

Aloha Crypto Wallet is built into Aloha Browser and allows users to interact with Web 3.0 services directly from the browser. Users can either create a new wallet or import their own.

Previously focused on supporting EVM chains like Ethereum, Polygon and BNB, the addition of Bitcoin allows users to manage multiple cryptocurrencies across various chains.

The functionality also encompasses the purchase or swapping of cryptocurrencies through Aloha’s partners including Moonpay, Transak and Changelly.

The integration of Bitcoin into Aloha Wallet offers an enhanced, unified wallet for users’ favorite cryptocurrencies, facilitating a more hassle-free experience and eliminating the need for constant network switching.

About the wallet update, Andrew Frost, founder of Aloha Browser, said,

“If you’re in the crypto space, having Bitcoin in your wallet is not just a preference it’s a necessity. Our inclusion of Bitcoin support is a crucial step in solidifying our position as a comprehensive crypto wallet solution.”

Aloha Browser’s product roadmap through 2024 remains dedicated to equipping users with the tools necessary for enjoying unlimited digital freedom and total privacy.

This includes more coming enhancements to the Aloha Crypto Wallet and bolstering the robust privacy features of Aloha Browser, such as VPN, no logs, AdBlock and more.

About Aloha Browser

Since 2016, Cyprus-based Aloha Browser has set out to make digital freedom and digital privacy accessible to everyone.

Through its mobile-first private browser, Aloha offers a seamless and intuitive user experience while providing easy access to content online anytime, anywhere.

Aloha’s core product is the private and secure Web 3.0 browser, which includes a free encrypted and unlimited VPN with no logs, built-in AdBlock, enhanced privacy features like biometric-locked tabs, a powerful download manager and a media player with native VR video support.

Aloha Crypto Wallet extends the privacy and accessibility of Aloha Browser to the world of Web 3.0 payments, allowing users to buy, sell and manage cryptocurrencies directly from the Aloha Browser app.

It’s capable of integrating with a variety of networks including Polygon, Ethereum and Bitcoin, and provides features such as advanced transaction history and token/NFT verification.

Aloha Browser is currently available for Windows, iOS and Android, with millions of users worldwide.

Find out more at the website.


Bruce Kurtz, Aloha Browser

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