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Aptos (APT) Surges 27.36% in 7-Day Rally, Eyes $7.60 Price Target 4m ago by

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Aptos (APT) sees a remarkable 27.36% in a 7-day surge, reaching $6.36.

Notable analyst predicts a 20% growth target of $7.60 for APT.

Aptos reaches an all-time high total value locked of $73.14 million.

According to data from CoinMarketCap, Aptos (APT) has seen significant double digital gains in its cumulative seven-day performance. Specifically, CoinMarketCap data shows APT is up 27.36% since the past week. Similarly, APT’s 30-day growth is also in significant double digits. This sustained uptick put the price of the digital asset at $6.36.

In parallel, Tommy Shelby, a notable analyst in the crypto community, argued that APT is gearing for a 20% growth to $7.60. Shelby based his projection on the Elliott Wave pattern observed on the APT market chart. He highlighted that APT recently broke out of a 270-day downward pressure to trade at its current $6.36.

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