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Aragon Dissolves Association, Redistributes Assets to Token Holders 4w ago by

Aragon announces its dissolution, planning to distribute $155M in assets to empower its token holders.


A Bold Step Toward Clarity and Efficiency

The Swiss non-profit Aragon Association has decided to dissolve. Consequently, this move aims to address the frustrations of Aragon DAO members about transparency and governance. As a result, the association plans to sell its huge treasury of 86,343 ETH, worth about $155 million. This sale will provide liquidity for ANT token redemption.


Empowering Token Holders

In a strong move, Aragon Association will let ANT token holders exchange their tokens for ETH. Each ANT will swap for 0.0025376 ETH. This rate aims to be the most compliant and tax-efficient. Token holders can make this exchange until Nov. 2, 2024. After this, all ANT tokens will be burned, marking their end. This decision reflects a commitment to fairness and equity, ensuring all token holders benefit from the dissolution.


We have an important update for all stakeholders of the @AragonProject. We passed a resolution to:

– Deploy most of the treasury to allow all ANT holders to redeem their ANT for ETH
– Dissolve the AA
– Continue the mission in a product-focused structure

— Aragon Association (@AragonAssoc) November 2, 2023


Facing Challenges and Changing Direction

Aragon Association didn’t make this decision lightly. Initially, it faced complex bureaucracy, misaligned stakeholders, and governance issues. Furthermore, efforts to give treasury control to ANT holders faced a gap between the treasury’s value and the token market cap. Also, a group called “Risk Free Value (RFV) Raiders” tried to take over the Aragon treasury. In response, the association stopped plans to transfer power to token holders.


A New Path Forward

Despite these issues, the team will keep developing Aragon products. They will reorganize, turning the team into a company focused on product development. A “Product Council” will guide this process. The remaining $11 million from the treasury will cover outstanding obligations and protect against regulatory uncertainties.


Ripples Through the Crypto Community

The Aragon Association’s dissolution and asset distribution have made waves in the crypto community. This move shows the challenges decentralized organizations face in balancing transparency, governance, and stakeholder interests. It also highlights the need for adaptability and tough decisions for the project’s and participants’ benefit.


Aragon’s Legacy and Future

Since its founding in 2016, Aragon has played a key role in popularizing DAOs. It has managed thousands of deployments and $1 billion in assets. The dissolution of the Aragon Association and asset distribution mark a big shift in the project’s structure. The aim is to keep its mission alive in a more product-focused framework.


Conclusion: A New Chapter Begins

Aragon’s decision to dissolve the association is a bold step toward solving internal challenges and empowering token holders. While it ends one era, it also starts a new chapter focused on product development and efficiency. This keeps Aragon’s spirit alive in a new form.