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Bitfinex Mitigates Security Breach 4m ago by

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Bitfinex, a cryptocurrency exchange, disclosed a “minor” security breach stemming from the hacking of one of its customer support agents that occurred between October 30 and November 5.

While this incident resulted in a series of phishing attacks targeting Bitfinex users, the company asserted that minimal harm was inflicted, as outlined in a statement issued on November 4.

The breach involved the unauthorized access to a portion of Bitfinex’s customer support boards containing partial, outdated, and incomplete information.

This breach was facilitated through phishing tactics employed against a customer support agent.

Fortunately, the compromised support agent did not possess “senior permissions,” limiting their access to support tools and help desk tickets, according to Bitfinex.

It is noteworthy that Bitfinex emphasized the integrity of its core systems remained intact, and no customer funds were compromised.

The company asserted that no servers, wallets, or databases were accessed, ensuring the safety of customer assets on the platform, and no password information was exposed.

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In fact, most of the affected customer accounts were either empty or inactive.

While Bitfinex indicated that the issue has been “resolved,” they continue to scrutinize the incident and the compromised data, actively reaching out to affected customers.

Additionally, Bitfinex promptly reported the incident to law enforcement authorities and is collaborating with investigative agencies to identify the perpetrators behind the phishing attack.

The company underlined its history of successfully securing convictions against individuals who have targeted their operations in the past.

Despite the breach, Bitfinex highlighted its commitment to maintaining robust security procedures, which includes mandatory cybersecurity training for all employees.

Founded in Hong Kong in 2012, Bitfinex has been under the leadership of CEO Jean-Louis van der Velde since 2013.

In terms of its reputation within the cryptocurrency community, Bitfinex ranks 17th in CoinGecko’s “Trust Score” index for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Over the last month, the platform received more than 800,000 visits, underscoring its popularity among cryptocurrency traders.

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