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Are you interested in landing media coverage in leading crypto news sites, such as Cointelegraph, CoinDesk,, and Crypto Intelligence News?

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Submit Your PR to CoinDesk

Submitting a press release to CoinDesk, a leading news source in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, is an important strategic step for any company looking to gain exposure in the digital currency market. With a vast audience comprising investors, tech enthusiasts, and financial professionals, a well-crafted press release can bolster your company’s visibility and credibility in this competitive space.

Before you begin drafting your press release, it’s crucial to understand CoinDesk’s content and submission guidelines. CoinDesk is known for its journalistic integrity and high editorial standards, which means that your press release must be newsworthy, factual, and free of promotional jargon. It should provide clear value to CoinDesk’s readership, who are primarily interested in the latest developments, innovative technologies, and significant events in the cryptocurrency world.

When writing your press release, focus on the significance of your announcement in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Whether you are launching a new blockchain platform, introducing a digital asset, partnering with a key player in the industry, or presenting research findings, your release should highlight how your news impacts the market or addresses a problem. Be concise and factual, avoiding overly technical language or complex jargon that may alienate the lay reader.

After crafting your release, tailor your submission to fit CoinDesk’s format. Include a compelling headline that captures the essence of your news, and make sure to answer the “who, what, when, where, and why” in the opening paragraph. CoinDesk’s audience expects immediate clarity and significance from the start.

Include quotes from key stakeholders or industry experts to add credibility to your announcement. Also, provide any necessary context that can help readers understand the broader implications of your news within the industry’s landscape. If your press release includes data, make sure it’s sourced from credible and verifiable information.

Before submitting to CoinDesk, ensure that your press release includes contact information for your company’s media representative, as well as links to relevant websites or white papers for readers who seek further details. You should also include multimedia elements like high-resolution images or videos, which can make your release more engaging and provide a visual representation of your announcement.

Submission to CoinDesk typically involves reaching out via their designated email address for press releases or through a submission form on their website. It’s important to adhere to their submission protocol, which might include specific file formats or methods of delivery. Since CoinDesk receives a large volume of submissions, make sure to submit your press release well ahead of your desired publication date, allowing ample time for their editorial team to review it.

After submission, be patient but prepared for follow-up. If CoinDesk’s editorial team is interested in your press release, they may contact you for additional information or clarification. Be ready to respond promptly and provide any additional details that may be necessary.

The success of a press release on CoinDesk hinges on relevance, clarity, and adherence to submission guidelines. By presenting your news in a manner that aligns with the interests and standards of CoinDesk, you not only maximize the chances of your press release being published but also position your company as a noteworthy participant in the blockchain and cryptocurrency dialogue.