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Delysium Partners Microsoft to Foster Decentralized AI into Mainstream Adoption 4m ago by

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Following efforts to propel the future of AI agents into the mainstream through blockchain integration, Delysium, a pioneer in decentralized technology, announced it has partnered with tech giant Microsoft.

According to an official release, Delysium and Microsoft have decided to join forces together following the understanding that there are complexities that often limit people from onboarding to blockchain and AI.

To remediate this, the partnership aims to make decentralized technology more accessible to regular internet users, paving the way for widespread adoption. Hence, the companies have embarked on a mission to simplify the learning curve.

Notably, Delysium’s innovative AI Agent Network lies at the heart of this partnership, enabling secure data sharing among diverse AI agents and fostering exponential growth in collective intelligence. The network’s core advantages include enhanced security, operational efficiency, and a human-centric approach.

By decentralizing AI operations, the collaboration strives for safer autonomous agent functions and improved handling of sensitive information, thus contributing to the seamless integration of AI capabilities into the physical world.

The decentralized AI network promises accelerated problem-solving and decision-making through seamless coordination and communication between AI agents. Furthermore, it upholds ethical standards by incorporating mechanisms to align with human values and objectives, fostering responsible AI practices.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform plays a pivotal role by providing the necessary computing power and access to AI solutions essential for scaling this decentralized AI ecosystem. Leveraging the strategic partnership with OpenAI, the collaboration combines Microsoft’s robust cloud infrastructure with OpenAI’s cutting-edge research and AI capabilities.