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Ethereum Copying Cardano? New Vitalik Blog Raises Eyebrows 4m ago by

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Cardano community members raised observations that Ethereum was copying the Cardano blockchain. 

The observations follow a recent update by Vitalik Buterin, which proposed a feature similar to Cardano’s Hydra.

Cardano community members said the development shows that Cardano is a trailblazer and Ethereum is playing catch up.

Following a recent update by Ethereum’s founder, Vitalik Buterin, several notable members of the Cardano community took to X to raise observations that suggested Ethereum was following the blockchain in innovation. 

Buterin, in a recent blog post, recommended extending Plasma – a scaling solution – to Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), using a parallel UTXO graph for ETH and ERC20 tokens to reduce the complications associated with account-based systems. 

According to Buterin, Plasma, which fell out of favor with developers, could become significant again, given the development of ZK-SNARKs – a form of cryptography that enhances security and efficiency. 

Buterin describes how validity proofs, notably ZK-SNARKs, might simplify Plasma’s structure. These proofs confirm the legitimacy of each block on the Plasma chain, minimizing the …

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