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Ethereum Whales Awaken: Analyzing Bullish and Bearish Signals 4m ago by

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Lookonchain analyzed ETH’s market sentiment amid the recent $2,000 surge.

After nearly three years of inactivity, a whale moved $54 million ETH to the Bitfinex exchange.

Another whale re-entered the market by accumulating $6.7 million ETH after a dormant period of seven months.

In a recent thread on X, Lookonchain, a well-known crypto market on-chain resource, delved into the sentiment surrounding Ethereum (ETH) as it broke above the $2,000 mark and sustained its position for several days.

Specifically, the market tracker sought to unveil whether crypto whales and influential investors expressed bullish or bearish sentiments towards ETH through their recent activities. The ensuing thread in Lookonchain’s tweets provided a detailed analysis of whale movements in the Ethereum market.

Bullish or Bearish on $ETH?

Did SmartMoneys and Whales buy or sell $ETH over the past week?


Here is a thread.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) November 14, 2023

One notable observation was the activity of an Ethereum whale identified with the initials “0xE4F4.” This influential investor transferred a substantial 26,406 ETH with a market value o…

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