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Golden Inuverse, Token Burning Play-2-Earn Crypto Game, To Launch Before 2023’s End 4m ago by

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The regulatory pressure faced by the crypto market since the beginning of 2023 had caused the hype surrounding major digital assets to die down, providing a lucrative environment for memecoins to thrive.

With the renewed memecoin boom, several investors sought to diversify their portfolios with more volatile yet potentially profitable tokens.

In the intriguing world of memecoins where gains of over 1000x are not uncommon, Golden Inu has captured the attention of investors with its ambitious goals and prospects of significant returns.

About Golden Inu

Golden Inu is a Web3 platform that seeks to stand out from the memecoin market by developing a robust and engaged community of supporters, ensuring the security of investors’ funds, and guaranteeing long-term utility for the community.

Developed by a team of experienced professionals, Golden Inu places its community, dubbed the Golden Horde, at the center of its operations. The platform provides several educational resources and community engagement opportunities, strengthening its expansive network of dedicated supporters.

Additionally, unlike most memecoin projects in the crypto market, which are mainly focused on seeking short-term price discovery, Golden Inu is committed to providing long-term utility for investors. Thus, the platform has continued to develop and release several products geared toward adding more utility to its native token, $GOLDEN, which will increase the value for token holders.

The $GOLDEN token hailed as the SHIB “killer,” has quickly gained traction with its impressive performance since its ICO on the BNB Chain earlier in February. $GOLDEN has offered early investors significant returns and is expected to increase in value, especially as new platform products increase the token’s utility.

The Golden Inuverse

One of Golden Inu’s most anticipated products is its Web3 gaming ecosystem, dubbed the Golden Inuverse. The play-to-earn gaming project has hooked thousands of Golden Inu users ever since its first exciting leak.

Golden Inuverse offers an immersive role-playing gaming (RPG) experience that entertains players and allows them to earn passive income while playing. The play-to-earn gaming ecosystem mimics the real-world economy with a self-organizing social and economic structure centered around the $GOLDEN token.

Players can adopt different roles, strategies, and game plans to earn more rewards through the $GOLDEN token. To play, gamers must choose from the different groups of characters available in the Golden Inuverse.

Each of these groups has different bloodlines that affect their stats and appearance. Some of the most popular bloodlines include the Golden Zyzz, which has strength capabilities; the Sebi Bloodline, which possesses healing and generation capabilities; and the Taino Golden Inus, which has strong aquatic traits.

Golden Inu Hires New Professionals

The release of the Golden Inuverse is imminent as the team recently contracted seven professionals, including a 2D and 3D graphics designer, a game development manager, two web3 app developers, one blockchain developer, and a new web developer, to complete the game’s development.

Although Golden Inu admitted that the hiring came at an unexpected time, the project noted that the move was for the right reasons. The team also reassured investors and users of its commitment in the long run.

While the launch date is yet to be announced, the Golden Inuverse is designed to allow the Golden Inu community of supporters to earn money while increasing the utility of the native token. Once launched, the play-to-earn game will hyper-energize the token’s trading volumes across major cryptocurrency indexes, boosting $GOLDEN’s visibility to traders and exponentially increasing its value.

The Golden Inuverse aims to shape the future of the Web3 gaming industry, providing unparalleled and immersive gaming experiences. Investors and players will also own a share of the booming metaverse and enjoy the increased utility provided by the $GOLDEN token.

The Golden Treasury

At the heart of the Golden Inuverse lies the Golden Treasury, an innovative system that sets Golden Inu apart from competitors. The Golden Treasury is a token-burning system that seeks to boost the value of the platform’s native token.

When the game generates revenue, a portion of it is sent to the Golden Treasury, where the funds will be used to buy back $GOLDEN tokens from both the BNB Chain and Ethereum networks. The tokens acquired from the buyback are then permanently removed from circulation by burning.

The objective of this approach is to reduce the number of $GOLDEN tokens in circulation, which increases demand for the token due to scarcity. By constantly burning $GOLDEN, Golden Inu expects to create an imbalance between the token’s supply and demand, driving its value to new heights.

The Golden Inu team recently sold off its treasury to hire professionals to complete its Web3 game. Once the game goes live, the Golden Treasury will serve as a self-sustaining economic model for the Golden Inuverse, providing utility and value to token holders.

Traders are watching Twitter and the official website for updates. A fast swing upward for the token’s value could happen if the game releases and activates the Golden Treasury smart contract.

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