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Here are 6 Reasons to be Bullish on Bitcoin: Crypto Analyst 2m ago by

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Crypto Youtuber Zach Humphries outlined the reasons why he is bullish on Bitcoin. 

He said the cryptocurrency’s decentralized nature, security, and scarcity make it an attractive transaction option. 

Humphries also listed Bitcoin’s increasing adoption and continued innovation to back his bullish stance.

Amid volatile market conditions, crypto YouTuber Zach Humphries, in a recent video, revealed the six reasons why he is bullish on Bitcoin. The analysts these reasons underscore Bitcoin’s current position as a market leader in the cryptocurrency space. 

Decentralized nature 

Humphries said Bitcoin holds great potential as a decentralized cryptocurrency. He mentioned that cryptocurrency is the oldest in existence and also the best-performing asset in the last decade. 

Importantly, he said the decentralized nature of the crypto removes intermediaries or third parties from transactions. He added that this gives more freedom to the users. 

Limited supply

The analyst said Bitcoin has a fixed market cap of 21 million, making it a scarce asset. Unlike fiat money, it cannot be printed at will. According to the analyst, scarcity fosters a sense of val…

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