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METAVERTU2 Finally Officially Launched: The Next Evolution In AI Phones 1m ago by

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VERTU, a UK-based luxury mobile phone brand, officially launched its METAVERTU2 Dual Model AI phone during the Hong Kong Fintech Week.

METAVERTU2 combines Web3 and AI technology to make it more secure and intelligent. Notably, the team behind the project harnesses large storage capacity, AI agents to handle tasks, and AI model tagging data to make METAVERTU2 “The Second Brain.”

According to the team, METAVERTU2 is also designed to protect its users’ privacy through Web3 technology that runs parallel with AI models. Users no longer have to worry about data leakage or being monitored by unauthorized persons. This combination has helped the team achieve the perfect balance between user privacy and experience.

METAVERTU2 also has a point-to-point absolute privacy storage VBOX and KEYBOX, an encrypted blockchain private key backup technology to ensure further that user information and assets are not stolen or modified by malicious third parties. The phone has a leading Snapdragon 8 Gen2 chip and sharp performance engines that provide users with an outstanding experience. 

The phone uses both large and small AI models for its operations. The large model summarises universal rules in various fields based on existing big ideas. On the other hand, the small model runs locally, analyzing personal data on the phone to cultivate interactive user experience. The model analyses chat records, work files, and lifestyle habits. As a result, the phone will be able to function on the same frequency as human thought analysing problems from a human’s perspective while also hiding thoughts covertly like a human brain.

Another benefit of METAVERTU2 is its AI assistance, which can be used for more than handling tedious work. The AI assistant has AI butlers that help its user handle various day-to-day activities, including remembering friends’ events, buying gifts, or dealing with soul-searching for your partner. Notably, the phone works by implanting a digital alter ego into the user chat interface that collects data to mimic a user communication style to give indistinguishable replies.

VERTU’s phone is supported by TEE+SEA national-level chips that work as the hardware foundation. In addition, the phone has an updated version of the METASPACE, allowing for different fingerprint locks for different systems. This creates a separate privacy system to store users’ private information. Further, METAVERTU2 enjoys updated data backup, financial management, encrypted calls, and more.

METAVERTU2 remains calm even under heavy use to ensure smooth screens. It has an oversized 4233mm2 synthetic VC further enhances heat dissipation, making the phone ideal for high-load applications and games. The phone has a 5100mAh ultra-large-capacity battery and supports 65W ultra-fast charging. Users can stay online with a 5% battery up to 6 hours of standby or 30 minutes of calls.

METAVERTU2’s overall design continues to follow the spirit of Haute Couture from London’s Savile Row. The design also features imported rare leather materials at the same level as Birkin bags and 316L surgical stainless steel at the same level as Swiss luxury watches. All these materials are geared to present users with exquisite and luxurious quality.

Currently, users can purchase either of  METAVERTU2’s four models, which include crocodile leather variants and carbon fiber. The models range from $5100 to $8100.

Please visit the website for more information.