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OKX joins forces with Komainu, CoinShares to boost security for segregated institutional crypto trading 3m ago by

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OKX, the prominent crypto exchange firm, has teamed up with Komainu and CoinShares to enable continuous trading of segregated assets held for institutional clients, according to a Nov. 15 statement shared with CryptoSlate.

Through this collaboration, CoinShares can trade institutional assets on the OKX platform while maintaining custody through Komainu. This move represents a significant stride in secure institutional crypto trading, emphasizing the importance of safeguarding assets to minimize risks.

The partnership aims to connect institutional traders with top-tier trading platforms, ensuring operational transparency. Additionally, it will utilize established custody, settlement, and liquidity practices to guarantee asset security and streamline transaction processes.

This collaboration lays the groundwork for a reliable and transparent trading environment catering to institutional traders’ needs.

Regarding the partnership, Lennix Lai, OKX’s Global Chief Commercial Officer, highlighted its role in facilitating the influx of institutional capital into the crypto market. Lai noted that this collaboration enables traders to access OKX’s liquidity while maintaining secure asset custody through Komainu.

According to Lewis Fellas, CoinShares’ Head of Hedge Solutions, counterparty risks pose a significant challenge for institutional crypto traders. Fellas expressed their ongoing collaboration with Komainu and OKX to create a robust structure that mitigates these risks while supporting high-volume trading activities.

Nicolas Bertrand, CEO of Komainu, regarded this collaboration as a pivotal step toward enhancing digital asset custody solutions.

He emphasized their commitment to contributing expertise in institutional-grade custody services within this tripartite agreement, aligning with their vision of fostering more trusted crypto markets in collaboration with OKX and CoinShares.

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