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OpenSea Pro Launches Cross-Chain Trading On Polygon & Ethereum 4w ago by

OpenSea Pro announced that the platform is now live on Polygon. 

The platform has activated cross-chain trading on both Ethereum and Polygon via Socket.

OpenSea Pro recently enabled private sales on the platform without any fees.

On November 2, OpenSea Pro announced that it is live on Polygon. The NFT aggregator enabled cross-chain asset trading on both the Ethereum and Polygon networks through the integration of Socket, a cross-chain interoperability protocol.

1/ OpenSea Pro is now live on @0xPolygon!

Wen Multichain? Now. OpenSea Pro just became the go-to destination to buy, sell, and list NFTs across marketplaces AND blockchains!

Find your favorite collections on Ethereum and Polygon

— OpenSea Pro (@openseapro) November 2, 2023

In a thread on X, OpenSea Pro announced that seamless cross-chain navigation is now possible through a customization modal. It added that the Socket integration powers a new bridge & swap feature that “lets you kill two birds with one stone.” OpeanSea Pro emphasized:

Web3’s future is multichain and we’re taking the first steps to accelerate that vision by aggregating p…

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