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Polkadot Prioritizes Developer Experience Amidst 300 Staff Layoff Rumors 2m ago by

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Parity Technologies has announced plans for Polkadot’s future that involve community-driven growth, amidst rumors of staff layoffs.

“We are passionate advocates for decentralization, yet as we’ve expanded our mandate, we’ve had to navigate the risk of becoming a bottleneck for Polkadot’s growth,” Parity Technologies stated.

Polkadot Staff Allegedly Cut Amidst Ongoing Evolutionary Shifts

In a thread of posts on X (formerly Twitter), Parity Technologies announced it will be going through an evolution, thanking staff at Parity for their work on Polkadot so far:

“As we go through this evolution, we want to extend special appreciation to those teams at Parity who have driven Polkadot’s outreach and expanded its market presence.”

At the time of publication, Polkadot (DOT) price stands at $3.67.

DOT Price Chart 1 Month. Source: BeInCrypto

It further notes that it will put its focus towards enhancing developer experience:

“Parity will be zeroing in on delivering Polkadot’s next-gen technology, improving the developer experience, and fostering a strong developer community.”

This comes amid active crypto community user Chainyoda reported to his 17,500 followers that Polkadot had a string of layoffs.

As per Chainyoda, the company terminated the employment of 300 individuals.

He additionally claims that the crypto industry’s “pain is getting worse by the day,” while also noting the significant number of staff being laid off simultaneously.

“That’s a lot more employees than there are devs building apps on Polkadot.”

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