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Republic Crypto Launches Avalanche-Based Token for Investor Profit Sharing 3w ago by

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Republic Crypto launches R/Note on Avalanche, offering tokenized, dividend-paying securities for investor profit from venture portfolio.

Republic Crypto’s Trailblazing Tokenization on Avalanche

In a groundbreaking move, Republic Crypto, a startup fintech firm, has announced its plan to launch a revenue-sharing tokenized security on the Avalanche blockchain. This innovative step represents a significant development in the world of digital finance.

Avalanche’s Role in Republic Crypto’s Investment Revolution: The R/Note

The asset, known as R/Note, will serve as a medium to distribute stablecoin dividends to investors. Furthermore, these dividends represent a portion of the profits earned from Republic’s successful ventures. Impressively, the firm raised $30 million already from a public sale, marking the R/Note as a new chapter in investment strategies.

Security and Token Distinction

Unlike many cryptocurrencies claiming to be non-securities, R/Note stands out as a definite security. It’s designed to pay dividends from equity sales, aligning with traditional investment principles. This distinction means R/Note adheres to stricter ownership and trading rules, setting it apart in the blockchain arena.

Choosing Avalanche: A Strategic Move

Andrew Durgee, the head of Republic Crypto, chose the Avalanche blockchain for its unique features. Notably, it allows the setup of controllable subnets, ideally suited for managing real world assets (RWAs) like R/Note.


Republic is on a mission to democratize private market investing.

Now, @joinrepublic has chosen Avalanche for the launch of its profit-sharing digital asset, the Republic Note.

— Avalanche 🔺 (@avax) November 17, 2023


Advantages of Digital Securities

Digital securities offer several benefits over traditional securities. Durgee highlights the ease of distributing dividends in tokenized form, a process that is much more challenging with regular securities. This efficiency is a key advantage of digital tokenization.

Market Accessibility and Future Plans

Republic’s goal is to enhance the accessibility and viability of its tokenized securities, thereby surpassing previous market offerings. This approach is rooted in Republic’s comprehensive structure for issuing and trading these assets, which is managed entirely in-house.

A Comprehensive Offering

In addition to these developments, Republic is also gearing up to issue the Republic Note, a profit-sharing digital asset on the Avalanche blockchain. Significantly, this asset will accumulate profits from Republic’s diverse investment portfolio. Consequently, it will offer dividends to retail investors once specific financial thresholds are reached.


Embracing Future Trends in Finance

Furthermore, Republic’s strategy signifies a broader trend in finance towards digitalization and blockchain technology. By embracing these innovations, they are not only enhancing investment opportunities but also shaping the future landscape of financial transactions. This move aligns with the industry’s shift towards more transparent and efficient financial processes.


Republic’s initiatives in the blockchain and investment space reflect a forward-looking approach to finance. By leveraging the unique capabilities of the Avalanche blockchain and focusing on accessible, efficient digital securities, Republic Crypto is setting a new standard in the evolving world of blockchain investments.