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SEC Takes Firm Position on Terraform Labs and Do Kwon Case 4m ago by

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Straightforward Call for Judgment

In a firm move, the SEC seeks a quick ruling against Do Kwon and Terraform Labs. They want to skip the long trial process. The evidence, they say, is plain and needs no debate. The SEC’s argument rests on the Howey test. This rule checks if a deal is a security. They say investors put money into Kwon’s project, hoping for profits from the company’s work. This meets the Howey test’s requirements.


Direct Claims of Dishonesty

The SEC is upfront, charging Terraform and Kwon with tricking people. They say the company lied about how steady their UST coin was. The SEC believes Kwon’s team secretly tweaked the coin’s price. This went against their public claims. Such tricks, the SEC says, played a part in Terra’s crash. This crash wiped out a huge sum of investor money.


Defense Hits Back

Kwon’s defense is holding firm. They challenge the SEC’s claims. They say the tokens aren’t securities, as per the law. So, they ask the court to throw out the case. Also, Daniel Shin, who helped start Terraform, blames Kwon for the mess. He says he had left the company’s daily work well before the trouble started.


Continued Legal Fight

Kwon is dealing with legal issues in Montenegro. Yet, the SEC in the U.S. is not backing down. They aim to show that Kwon and Terraform sold tokens illegally and lied. What happens in this fight could change how we control the crypto market.


What This Means for Crypto

The SEC’s chase for a quick judgment shows they mean to apply the law in crypto. The fight with Kwon reminds the crypto world to follow the rules. The SEC’s steps suggest they might tighten control. This could mean tougher rules for crypto companies soon.


Awaiting the Outcome

The crypto sphere is on edge, awaiting the verdict on Kwon and Terraform Labs. The decision will ripple through the industry, potentially reshaping regulations. It’s a pivotal moment that could define the balance between innovation and legal boundaries. As anticipation builds, the industry prepares for the impact of the court’s ruling, which could redraw the lines for crypto’s future.


What Comes Next

The crypto world is keeping an eye on the SEC’s fight with Kwon and Terraform Labs. What the court decides could change how we handle digital money. As the court case goes on, what it means for the crypto market and keeping investors safe is key. People are talking about it, from experts to fans.