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Solana Labs Disputes Security Claims Regarding Saga Phone Made by CertiK 3w ago by

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Blockchain security firm CertiK recently released a video that raised concerns about a potential security vulnerability in Solana’s crypto-enabled Saga phone.

CertiK claimed that the Saga phone contained a “critical vulnerability” known as a “bootloader unlock” attack, which they suggested could allow malicious actors to install a hidden backdoor in the device.

They further asserted that this could compromise sensitive data, including cryptocurrency private keys.

In response, Solana Labs disputed CertiK’s claims, stating that the video did not reveal any legitimate threat to the Saga device.

According to Solana Labs, unlocking the bootloader and installing custom firmware would require multiple steps, which can only be performed after unlocking the device with the user’s passcode or fingerprint.

Additionally, unlocking the bootloader would result in the device being wiped, a process that users are made aware of through multiple warnings.

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This means that the process cannot take place without the user’s active participation and awareness.

The Solana Saga phone, initially priced at $1,099 when it was released in April 2022, aimed to provide users with a Web3-native decentralized application store, integrating cryptocurrency applications into the device’s hardware.

However, four months after its launch, Solana reduced the phone’s price to $599 due to a decline in sales.

It is essential to note that CertiK’s claims and Solana Labs’ response highlight the ongoing debates and discussions within the blockchain and crypto industry regarding security vulnerabilities and their potential impact on users.

While concerns about security should not be dismissed, Solana Labs has argued that the claimed vulnerability is not as straightforward to exploit as initially suggested by CertiK.

As the industry continues to evolve, maintaining robust security standards and addressing potential threats remains a priority for both companies and users in the crypto space.

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