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The Crypto Bull Market is Here? How Bitcoin Spark Compares to BNB and Ripple? 3m ago by

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Several crypto analysts have highlighted the start of the fifth major crypto bull market. BNB, Ripple, and Bitcoin Spark have shown remarkable promise in the previous months. However, as we enter a season of flourish, how high do analysts expect these altcoins to go?

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BNB Prepared for Price Surge

Matrixport has stated that this is likely the start of a new bull cycle along with other top analysis firms. BNB has struggled in 2023 as regulatory issues on its parent Binance exchange mount. However, in the recent rally, the BNB coin performed well, overcoming the $220 resistance.

As a result, the price forecasts for BNB are overwhelmingly bullish. In the short term, the analysts at FXStreet have predicted a 15% upswing for BNB.

In the long term, some of the BNB price predictions hint at a possible retest of old highs. However, it would need to overcome the $300 and $350 resistance levels.

SEC Lawsuit Tilted in Ripple’s Favor, How High Can XRP Go?

The Ripple vs SEC lawsuit, which has lasted almost three years, is coming to an end. The SEC recently dropped all charges against the company’s executives in the Ripple lawsuit. Industry experts then favored Ripple to come out on top.

John Deaton, a lawyer representing Ripple XRP holders, recently revealed there were no talks of a settlement between both parties. However, Deaton noted that the SEC is feeling “pissed and embarrassed” and now seeks a $770 million recompense.

As the favorites to win the case, there are bullish predictions for the Ripple coin, XRP. Analysts have predicted a first break above $1 for XRP. However, many Ripple price predictions have hinted at a possible all-time high for XRP above $3.

How High Can Bitcoin Spark Go?

Bitcoin Spark is a new hard fork of Bitcoin that has recently caught the attention of investors. The project looks interesting because it solves some of Bitcoin’s shortcomings. One of which is the inclusion of smart contract functionality.

The aim is to make Bitcoin Spark more versatile as developers can create and deploy dApps on the network. Bitcoin Spark’s network will also boast faster transaction speeds than the Bitcoin network to make it more appealing to developers.

In addition, Bitcoin Spark has introduced an innovative Proof-of-Process (PoP) mechanism. Under PoP, miners rent out the computing power of their smart devices to secure the network. In return, they receive rewards in BTCS tokens. By reducing the barrier to mining, Bitcoin Spark aims to make securing its network more affordable and accessible.

These features have attracted bullish predictions for BTCS ahead of the next Bitcoin halving. However, investors can join early as the project is in stage 9 of its ICO, where BTCS trades at $3.50 per token.

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