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The Open Platform Rebranding Provides Unparallel Foundation For Web3 Ecosystem Growth Via Wallet Integration in Telegram 3m ago by

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The Open Platform, previously known as First Stage Labs, is elated to announce its rebranding to The Open Platform (TOP) to bring Web3 into the stands of many users across the globe.

According to the TOP Lab team, this move aims to align the project’s mission and name with those of its blockchain partner, TON Foundation. The rebranding will notably change key features, including merging with Wallet, the crypto application integrated into Telegram Messenger.

Notably, through this rebrand, TOP seeks to massively distribute and facilitate a radical simplification of blockchain services to foster genuine ownership while creating new economies. The Wallet plays a crucial part in this new step. The Wallet was initially introduced as a bot within Telegram but has evolved into a comprehensive app and platform. The wallet now enables users to manage their digital assets easily by sending a message.

Commenting on the development, Andrew Rogozov, CEO of TOP and Wallet, stated:

“Today, with a clear vision, a strong team, established partnerships, and secured resources, we are ready to bring Wallet and the entire TON ecosystem to the world. We anticipate that Wallet will propel global crypto adoption to an unprecedented level. The Open Platform is well funded, with First Stage Labs having secured significant investment upon its creation from our partners. Together, we share the conviction that the synergy of The Open Network’s blockchain and the Telegram Messenger will serve as an unparalleled catalyst for the next phase of the Web3 ecosystem’s growth”.

In the last couple of months, the TOP team has tirelessly worked to accelerate the development of the Wallet in preparation for the launch of new products. In July, a service for merchants in Telegram was launched, while an invite-only developer beta was launched in August. The invite-only developer beta was launched in preparation for the upcoming self-custodial wallet product TON Space. Over 1000 developers have joined the beta since its launch ahead of the public release anticipated for late September. 

TOP has a venture-building division, TOP Labs, that will continue building the strategies of First Stage Labs. Currently, TOP Labs’s portfolio includes several TON-based startups, namely NFT marketplace Getgems, Tonkeeper, and Open Builders community management tools. TOP Labs is an ecosystem comprising Tonkeeper, Getgems, Tonstarter,, TON Play, Tonstakers, Fanzee, TON punks, Fanton, TonTech, TonStat and TON API.

TOP is supported by a strong team led by Andrew Rogozov, Andrey  Klebanov, and the team behind the Wallet. As the ex-CEO of, one of the largest social networks in Eastern Europe.