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THORSwap Halts Following FTX Fund Transfer; Sui (SUI) & InQubeta (QUBE) Potential Surge Looms 2m ago by

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The crypto ecosystem is no stranger to highs and lows, and recent events have captured this cyclical dance perfectly. THORSwap’s recent announcement has brought the issues of security and integrity to the forefront. Yet, even amidst these challenges, there are top altcoins like SUI and QUBE that hint at the potential of the market’s rebound. This juxtaposition of hurdles and hopes tells a rich story about the future trajectory of the digital currency landscape, reaffirming the notion that every downturn might just be a setup for a greater upswing.


InQubeta: Elevating the AI Frontier in Investments

As we navigate turbulent market conditions, top ICOs like InQubeta bring a ray of hope. The realm of AI technology is teeming with innovations, and startups are blazing trails with groundbreaking ventures in machine learning, robotics, and beyond. Recognizing the challenges potential investors might face in tapping into these AI startups, especially without strong connections, InQubeta offers a robust solution. Its platform, powered by the QUBE tokens, democratizes access, ensuring fractional ownership in popular NFTs.


This is not merely about facilitating transactions; it’s about championing the broader mission of AI. The act of investing via InQubeta contributes directly to the evolution of AI, its varied applications, and its potential to transform our world. By intertwining the prospects of startups with the QUBE token’s deflationary mechanics, InQubeta promises rewards for token holders and paves the way for a seamless investment journey.


This foundation is cemented with their upcoming NFT marketplace, InQubeta swap, and the planned DAO – all while maintaining a stringent focus on security, proven by their successful smart contract audit by Hacken and KYC verification by BlockAudit. Their ongoing presale itself, with an impressive $3.5 million raised, is a testament to why QUBE is one of best cryptos to buy now.

The THORSwap Conundrum

Amid this optimistic backdrop, THORSwap’s current scenario serves as a reminder of the constant vigilance required in the crypto domain. The platform has taken the drastic step of shifting into “maintenance” mode in light of suspicious fund transfers. The shadow of the “FTX Exploiter” hangs heavy, with funds from the infamous wallet, responsible for the FTX exchange drain post its bankruptcy, being tracked to THORSwap. This cautionary measure by THORSwap is an attempt to nip any illicit activities in the bud and emphasizes the paramount importance of security in decentralized exchanges.


Sui: The Promise of Layer 1 Blockchain

With the conversations around decentralized platforms intensifying, Sui, a promising layer 1 blockchain, emerges as a beacon. Boasting rapid transaction speeds at competitive costs, Sui aims to reinvent how we perceive infrastructural underpinnings like Ethereum. The instant transaction finality and reduced latency set Sui apart. The native coin, SUI, is multifunctional, covering everything from gas fees to on-chain transactions. With the added privilege of staking and contributing to the project’s governance, SUI is one of the altcoins to watch out for.



While challenges like those faced by THORSwap highlight vulnerabilities, the resilience and innovation displayed by platforms like InQubeta and Sui emphasize the undying spirit of the crypto world. As investors and enthusiasts, staying informed and choosing projects with clear vision and strong fundamentals can make all the difference in navigating this volatile yet thrilling space.


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