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Today’s Hottest Meme Coins: Memecoin, Bonk Inu, and Barbie Girl 2w ago by

When we say cryptocurrencies, the common names that come to mind are Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, there are several other digital assets with different utilities and purposes. One of those is meme coins.

You know memes if you are a fan of funny content online. Meme coins pay homage to a meme, a pop culture reference, or a funny idea captured in an image or a video. Memes can go viral overnight; the same is true for meme coins, as meme coins gain popularity based on their association with internet memes and viral content.

It’s important to know that even though meme coins are made for entertainment purposes, some meme coins have a large market capitalization and staying power that is not to be sniffed at. 

There are many ways to categorize meme coins–based on their market cap, their price, or their trendiness–which is the focus of this article. Here are three of the top meme coins that are trending at the moment:

Memecoin (MEME)

Memeland is a collection of 9,999 utility-enabled PFPs (picture-for-profile) NFTs. Memeland was founded by the viral meme-sharing website 9GAG, which stated that Memeland is their attempt to try something new. 9GAG said, “We…

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