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TON Sets New World Record as the World’s Fastest Blockchain, Achieves 104,715 TPS in Public Test 4w ago by

The Open Network (TON) has emerged as the world’s fastest and most scalable public blockchain.

According to an official announcement today, the blockchain achieved a remarkable speed of 104,715 transactions per second (TPS) during a live-streamed public test held on Oct 31.

TON Surpasses Popular Blockchains With Remarkable Speed of Over 100,000 TPS

The test, which utilized 256 validators, pushed the TON testnet to its limits, resulting in the creation of 512 shards under heavy load. This innovative approach propelled the network to achieve an astonishing speed of 104,715 transactions per second (TPS).

During the test runs, the TON testnet not only outpaced the reported speed of Visa but also far exceeded the previous record holder, achieving approximately 100,000 TPS. This exceptional performance demonstrates TON’s capabilities and potential to disrupt traditional financial systems.

This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for TON, positioning it as a viable infrastructure layer for the emerging Web3 ecosystem and attracting the interest of global enterprises looking to integrate blockchain technology.

Confirmed and backed by CertiK, a leading Web3 smart contract auditor known for providing comprehensive security solutions to the blockchain industry, TON has emerged as the fastest and most scalable blockchain in the world.

CertiK formally verifies the TON blockchain, confirming its stability and security. They also played a crucial role in verifying network speeds and ensuring the accuracy of the results. Furthermore, Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing subsidiary of Alibaba Group, provided the infrastructure for the live-streamed stress test.

TON Can do Beyond 104715 TPS, TON CDL Claims

Notably, TON outshines other blockchains with its unique architecture. The blockchain employs an “infinite sharding paradigm,” allowing it to form a blockchain of blockchains. This architecture is inherently scalable by design, as TON can split into 2^30 workchains, with each workchain subdivided into up to 2^60 shards. TON’s flexibility ensures it can rapidly scale capacity to meet demand efficiently.

Anatolii Makosov, Core Development Lead at TON Foundation, expressed the team’s confidence in the network’s remarkable speed, saying, “the most amazing thing is that, despite the record-breaking results, the speed reached is not the limit of what TON is capable of. With a sufficient number of validators, TON’s unique architecture allows the blockchain to scale almost infinitely and process millions of TPS from billions of users.”

There is no doubt that large enterprises are increasingly recognizing the benefits of using TON as the infrastructure for Web3 services. A significant collaboration was announced in September 2023, as the TON Foundation partnered with Telegram and Tencent Cloud. These partnerships signify the beginning of what is expected to be a series of alliances, with TON playing a pivotal role in accelerating the mass adoption of blockchain technology by individuals and industries alike.