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Why Ben Armstrong Believes XRP’s $0.62 Price Is a Game-Changer 3m ago by

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Ben Armstrong believes that XRP “cooling off” after the SEC case might have been the best thing to happen to the token.

Although XRP is not trading at its highest, Armstrong believes this allows traders and corporate investors to stock up on the token.

At press time, XRP was worth $0.6086 after its price dipped 1.51%.

Well-known YouTuber and cryptocurrency analyst Ben Armstrong told the Ripple (XRP) community to get ready to go to the moon in one of his latest videos. The analyst also stated that the heat surrounding XRP and its price “cooling off” after it bested the SEC could actually be a great thing.

Armstrong pointed out in the first portion of the video that the price of XRP is trading at or close to $0.62. According to the analyst, the current trading price of XRP in itself is not necessarily an “important” number for the remittance token, but $0.60 is.

In fact, the analyst referred to $0.60 as the “adamantium” support. This refers to the Wolverine character in movies who comes back to life after he was killed. In this case, Wolverine is XRP bouncing back from this very strong support every time its price takes a dive.

$0.62 is al…

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