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XRP Has the Capacity to Hit $26, Analyst Says 3w ago by

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XRP may either hit $6.24 or run to $26, according to an analyst’s prediction
The SEC case may be vital to XRP’s direction in the next bull market
The 50 and 200 EMA showed that the token has a strong bullish potential in the long term

According to Egrag Crypto, a popular Ripple (XRP) holder on X, XRP has the capacity to reach $6.24 around 2024. If XRP hits the price, it would mean that the cryptocurrency has increased by 836% from its high price recorded in the past day. 

Egrag, in his post, also mentioned that a whopping 3581% projected increase was on the card for XRP between 2024 and 2025, foreseeing the altcoin’s price reaching $26. As of this writing, XRP’s price was $0.61 as the token was corrected like many others in the market.

XRP to the Moon

For Egrag, his prediction was based on the fact that XRP had formed a bullish flag. A bullish flag is a chart pattern formed by two rallies and separated by a retracement.

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