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Taiko Airdrop – Beginner’s Guide For Taiko’s Testnet Participation

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If you’re wondering how to become eligible for a potential Taiko airdrop, you are at the right place! In our beginner friendly article we show you how to participate to be most likely eligible for their airdrop. They are currently in testnet phase, so it’s totally free to interact with the Taiko ecosystem. Let’s get started!

Taiko is an Ethereum-Equivalent ZK Rollup scaling solution provider, it’s an Ethereum layer-2 network. They have raised $15 million in a Series A funding round, with a total of $37 million raised across three rounds. Just to mention some name of their investors are: Token Bay Capital, Wintermute Ventures, Flow Traders, OKX Ventures, among others.

Taiko Airdrop Step-By-Step Guide

Although Taiko is in a testnet phase at the moment, there are some tasks that might cost a minimal amount of money (it’s also just optional). You will see that those steps are worth as they grants human participation. Let’s see how to acquire $TKO tokens!

  • 1 – First of all you should follow them on Twitter/X and join their Discord channel. Being active on Discord always a good way to earn some extra from these testnet airdrops, but of course, it’s up to you.
  • 2 – You will need a wallet to implement Holesky (Ethereum testnet) and Taiko network. If you don’t have an ETH compatible wallet, we recommend to use MetaMask. You can add it o your browser as an extension easily and create an account. It’s key at these kinds of wallets that write down on a paper your 12-word seed phrase when setting up your account, so you can recover your wallet. But make sure, that no one else can access it and never lose it!
Taiko Airdrop - MetaMask's landing page
Image: MetaMask’s landing page
  • 3 – Now add Holesky and Taiko network to your wallet. To make it easiest for you, just jump to Chainlist-Taiko and press “Add Network”. There will be a warning, but don’t worry about it. You can do the same with Chainlist-Holesky too. Your wallet is finally ready to accept Holesky and Taiko tokens.
  • 4 – As the next step, request the needed tokens. At Taiko’s Faucet, connect your wallet, switch to Holesky and mint HORSE tokens. To get some Holesky ETH too, visit its PoW Faucet and let your PC work a little bit.
  • 5 – Now make some “real” activity on Taiko. Bridge tokens from Holesky to Taiko and back. Swap tokens and add/remove (later) Liquidity. You can make these steps daily, but at least weekly. When you add liquidity, just click “new position”, select a pair like ETH – HORSE, set the “fee tier” to 0.05%, choose “Full Range” and finally deposit the desired amounts.

Taiko airdrop liquidity

  • 6 – Next make the Galxe quest connected to the Taiko network. These mints verify that you are a human being and have a bigger potential to the Taiko airdrop. The Gitcoin Passport is free, while the Galxe Passport costs to 0.01 BNB.
  • 7 – Great! You are on your way! Finally, here are some additional tasks to interact with Taiko’s ecosystem. These tasks are also highly recommended to increase your chances of qualifying for the Taiko airdrop, and probably you could have some fun too. Remember, as you are interact on a testnet, there’s nothing to lose. Visit Nexter, a betting site where you can wager some of your ETH on whether ETH will go up or down in value. Then, CryptoRumble is a kind of “match-three puzzle” game on web3. This game will also have an airdrop so here you can play weekly also to make some extra benefit on farming. Another option is Dottakio, where you can mint your own domain. Simply choose “Normal EOA Wallet”, connect your MetaMask, enter your desired domain name, click search, and if it’s available, register for a 1 or 2 years term by clicking on register. And finally, NFTs2Me offers you to create your own NFT collection. That’s all, you have done well!
Taiko airdrop dottaiko
Image: Dottaiko domain registration’s final step

What Is Taiko?

Taiko represents a development in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem, designed to improve the Ethereum network’s scalability and efficiency. It’s fully open-source, and permissionless ZK-Rollup that is compatible with Ethereum. This means that developers and users can take part in Taiko without needing to adapt their existing tools or workflows, making sure a smooth transition and integration into their current operations. By leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, Taiko aims to significantly reduce transaction fees and processing times on the Ethereum network, thereby solving Ethereum’s most pressing challenges.

taiko airdrop taiko landing page
Image: Taiko’s landing page

Moreover, Taiko grants that no single entity controls the network, achieved through a community-driven operation model where all activities, including proposing and proving transactions, are open to participation by anyone. This model fits with Ethereum’s core principles about decentralization and open access and also increases its security and reliability. As an Ethereum-equivalent ZK-EVM, Taiko facilitates a compatible and efficient environment for decentralized applications (DApps), as you might have experienced some of them through the Taiko airdrop process.

Final Thoughts

Making money in crypto is sometimes hard, sometimes costs a lot, but always requires learning. Airdrops are a great way to earn tokens from a project, and additionally like the Taiko airdrop which runs on testnet makes you comfortable with the crypto world whether it’s decentralized finance or any other kind of activity. Without any risk, you can learn how to bridge/swap, use your wallet, and more. If you are a beginner and you are feel yourself unfamiliar, just keep working and learning, and results will come. We really hope our step-by-step guide helps you enjoy your journey in the crypto world!


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