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Taiko Airdrop Update – How To Farm After Testnet Switch?

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Time passes and we are closer to the Taiko airdrop. We hope you have farmed this project before as it has great potential. If not, it’s still a good time to join as they just switched from Taiko Katla testnet to the Taiko Hekla. In this article, we show you how to continue farming this airdrop.

First of all in every project, the main two channels to get up-to-date information first hand is by joining their community. At Taiko you can join their Discord server and their Twitter/X. Make sure you get notifications from #announcement channels and turn on notifications on Twitter too. These are the main channels to be informed and not miss any chance in an airdrop eligibility. So Taiko has went to Hekla testnet and as they wrote, this is the last testnet stage before mainnet. Let’s see how you can farm Taiko Airdrop.

How To Make Your Way To Taiko Airdrop

Basically if you are an OG farmer at Taiko, your method doesn’t change, however we will add an extra task (making a token) on the new testnet.

  • Join their Galxe campaign and make one of the quests. If you are new to the crypto world, we recommend that you do the Galxe passport quest, because it’s just costing about $5. The other task, the Gitcoin passport is much more hard to get and costs more depending on your previous crypto activity. Note that finishing one task is enough for earning the 2500 points in the Taiko airdrop.

Taiko airdrop galxe

  • Now add the new Taiko Hekla testnet to your wallet (we recommend you to use MetaMask). Go to Chainlist and click ‘Add to MetaMask’. There will be two RPC server addresses, so adding both is great as sometimes they don’t work smoothly. Great! You are ready to use Taiko’s new testnet.
  • The next steps are the real activities, like bridging, swapping, and adding liquidity. But! If you don’t have Holesky testnet ETH in your wallet, then you can collect some on the Holesky PoW Faucet. Verify that you are a human being, copy/paste your wallet address and click ‘Start Mining’. A small portion of ETH is enough to do the actions on the Hekla testnet (for example 0.1 ETH). This is because on testnets your main goal is to make a lot of transactions instead of making volume.
  • Go to Taiko Bridge where you can bridge different tokens from Holesky to Taiko Hekla and vice versa. Just bridge ETH/USDC/HORSE.

Taiko airdrop bridge

  • After bridging you should swap tokens on the Taiko Swap. In this case you use the Taiko Hekla testnet, so switch to it and swap one token to another (we recommend swapping ETH to HORSE and USDC). Note that all the transactions require gas fees which will be paid by the native ETH on both Holesky and Taiko Hekla networks.
  • Finally, add liquidity to any pool you choose. Click ‘POOLS’ next to the ‘SWAP’ menu bar. Click ‘+New Position’ and select any token pair. Whatever you choose, make it a 1% fee tier. Choose ‘Full Range’, type the amount you want to add and click ‘Preview’. A new window pops up, click ‘Add’, confirm the transaction and let the process work in the background.

Taiko airdrop add liquidity

  • And yes, we provide you an extra task to potentially multiply your Taiko airdrop tokens. So finally, you will create your own token on the network. Confused? No worries, as the process is simple. First go to OpenZeppelin to customize your token contract (this process is great to do on other testnets, but avoid using mainnet). Do every step on the left panel. Select ‘ERC20’ at the top, name your token and type its symbol (for example: token name – ‘NullCrypto’, symbol – ‘NCT’). Also type how much you would like to premint, this number doesn’t matter, but type at least 100,000. Now above the dev panel on the right in the top right corner click ‘Open in Remix’. Don’t forget to switch your wallet to the Taiko Hekla server!

OpenZeppelin compiler

  • Click ‘Compile contract’ on the left and when it’s compiled, click ‘Compile and Run script’. When it’s ready a pop-up will appear at the bottom of the page, and a green icon shows that the compiler is ready at the left panel. Click under the ‘Solidity compiler’ icon at the ‘Deploy and run transactions’ icon. At the top, select your wallet with ‘Injected Provider – YOUR WALLET’ and connect it with the app. Finally, press the ‘Deploy’ button with its brown color and confirm the transaction in your wallet. If you want, you can add your tokens to your MetaMask. Open the wallet, choose ‘Tokens’ and press ‘Import tokens’ at the bottom. Copy and paste your contract address (you can find it after the last step at the bottom of the compiler), type your ‘Token symbol’ too.

That’s it, you went through all the steps you can do at the testnet. Remember, as your time allows you, make some transactions at least 2-3 times a week. The Taiko airdrop hasn’t been verified by the Taiko team yet, but you can check Etherscan, and here you can see that 1 billion TKO token appeared and split to two different wallets. We believe this is because Taiko is preparing for an airdrop. Also, you can go for Taikoons Whitelist at METAVERSE HQ. This is because of Taiko’s Genesis NFT collection of 888 Taikoons. This NFT isn’t a must-have one, but it certainly improves your rewards probably.

The Bottom Line

Testnets are great for new users in the crypto scene as they can understand how DeFi or the actual ecosystem works for free. So when it goes to mainnet you will be familiar with the ecosystem and ready to use the DApps. So don’t forget to join both Discord and Twitter/X community channel of Taiko and repeat the tasks at least weekly. This way we believe you will be eligible for the Taiko airdrop. If you want to farm more free airdrops, check our articles about: Grass, Berachain, or Morph. For more information you can read our previous article about the Taiko Airdrop too. We wish you happy farming!


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