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Top 3 Airdrops To Farm In April – Last Chances To Join

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In this article, we introduce you to the top 3 airdrops to farm in April. The airdrop scene in crypto is very active in April, so take your last chance to make your way for some extra income from these airdrops. Our top 3 airdrops require some funds and active interaction as we are just before the airdrops. Collect as many points as you can on exchanges (HyperLiquid and Drift protocol) and make as many bridges as you can in the HyperLane ecosystem!


HyperLiquid is a decentralized perpetual futures exchange, whose mainnet was launched in June 2023. The project has grown fast and started their points system in November 1. As they write, “Points are meant to reward HyperLiquid users who contribute to the protocol’s success”. Points are distributed weekly to users for 6 months, so that means an airdrop could come in May. So grab your chance to join HyperLiquid airdrop and farm some points to be eligible. According to DeFiLama, the total value locked (TVL) here is $361 million. Let’s see how to earn points:

  • You can deposit USDC, USDC.e and USDT from your Arbitrum wallet. So you need an EVM (Ethereum) compatible wallet, like MetaMask.
  • As a DEX, you can make trades by leveraging up to 50x on major coins. This option is from 2x-50x on different coins and tokens. Probably this is the best option for collecting points, but with the most risk. Of course you don’t have to use leverage if you don’t want to risk liquidity.
  • Another and safer option is their Vault. Here you can lock up your funds (after deposit on any vault, you lock your funds up for 4 days). It could be a stable passive income option if you aren’t familiar with trading, but in this case you should lock much more funds to make decent points. You can choose user vaults, but we recommend you to use HyperLiquidity Provider (HLP) vault.
  • And lastly referral works too to grind some points. You can collect 1 point for every referrals’ 4 points.

Top 3 airdrops to farm in April 2024 Hyperliquid trading page

Drift on Solana

Drift is also a DEX platform where you can make trades, add some liquidity or take leverage trading. According to DeFiLama, their TVL is more than $319 million. As it works on the Solana network, you will need a Solana wallet, like Phantom wallet. The Drift protocol made a snapshot for their early users on Jan 22, so Drift trader points are calculated from that date on a weekly basis. They distribute up to 2 million points per week split amongst Taker and Maker activities. According to Drift, the point program ends at the end of April. For more information about the platform visit our article about it HERE.

  • You can deposit a bunch of tokens like SOL, JUP, USDC, mSOL, wBTC, USDT, wETH and more.
  • Drift protocol rewards you for trading activities like providing liquidity on the orderbook, backstop AMM liquidity, and generating perps and spot trading volume.

Top 3 airdrops to farm in April 2024 drift


Hyperlane is designed as an interoperability layer that provides a seamless way to connect different blockchains without needing permission. This innovative approach allows for the development and launch of modular blockchains that can easily interact with one another, overcoming the isolation that typically comes with such technologies. Hyperlane offers the first permissionless system of its kind, enabling any blockchain to launch with built-in interoperability features. This kind of airdrop farm is a type of grinding as you need to create volume with your transactions and also make as many interactions as you can. Let’s see how to do this:

  • You need an EVM compatible wallet like MetaMask and a Cosmos ecosystem wallet like Keplr. Our goal is to bridge funds from one network to another and back through different bridging protocols. If you don’t have TIA, you can swap them on the TraderJOE platform.
  • Use Nexus Bridge to bridge your TIAs. Use as many cross bridge transfer as you can. Avoid using Ethereum mainnet because of its high fees.
  • Go to Nautilus Bridge. Bridge ETH from Binance to Nautilus and vice versa. If you have no funds for Nautilus to pay transfer fees, you can go to Jumper Finance and swap some of your ETH to ZBC. Now send it on Nautilus bridge from Binance to Nautilus so you have funds to pay gas fees. You can do the same with Solana network too.
  • Now use Merkly to bridge hNFTs. The goal is to use as many crosschain bridge as you can. Make some transactions with hFTs too. Claim a tiny bit of tokens like from Polygon to Gnosis, claim them and bridge all of them.
  • Finally use a combination of Squid Router with INJ Bridge. Firstly with Squid Router you can make some INJ token that can be used on the INJ Bridge. After that you can bridge those tokens from INJ to inEVM.

Top 3 airdrops to farm in April 2024 hyperlane

The Bottom Line

As a late joiner, farming airdrops could be stressful and requires some extra time to collect points or make enough volume to be eligible. But most of the time, the effort will be paid. Our top 3 airdrops selection is all about the last opportunity to join them, but still with a potential airdrop size. If you are new to airdrops, make some extra research if you get stuck anywhere in the process. The different project’s community like on discord is always a great way to find help, as there are a lot of helpful people.

If you feel these airdrops are risky, or just you want to try airdrops for free, here are two extra projects for you, probably not late to join. Check our Berachain and Taiko airdrop guide. They are also beginner friendly, so they are a good start for first timers. Don’t waste your time, take your last chance!


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