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What Is The Milady NFT?

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Discover with us the Milady Maker NFTs, a unique blend of digital art and blockchain innovation created by the Remilia Collective in March 2021. This article delves into the collection’s origins, the innovative Drip Score, the creators behind the project, and the controversies influencing its journey. Explore the cultural and market impact of Milady NFTs too.

What Is The Milady NFT Collection?

Imagine a vast and vibrant digital art space in the crypto world, where 10,000 distinctive digital creations exist on the Ethereum blockchain. This is the Milady Maker NFT project with its NFTs (non-fungible token). Every piece is one-of-a-kind and cannot be exchanged like money. You can trade them on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea. The platform offers interactive experiences, like Milady VRtube avatars for streaming, Milady Raves for community gatherings, and the Milady Minecraft Metaverse.

Milady inspired by street style tribes and launched in March 2021 by Remilia Collective. The project built in the neochibi art style., that mixes cartoon-like figures with the essence of Tokyo’s urban fashion.

Milady NFT collection on OpenSea
Image: Milady NFT collection on the OpenSea marketplace

This art style is influenced by celebrated artists like Takashi Murakami, or digital artists like Mara Barl and Rednbou. These creator’s artworks can be found in the essence of Milady Maker.

What Is The Drip Score?

Milady NFTs uses Drip Score. Think of it like a score that tells you how special an NFT is. Like each NFT made by algorithmically the point system score depends on each attribute’s rarity and how the complete NFT looks like. This helps everyone check which NFTs are more or less valuable.

The points system’s grades start from D, which is pretty basic, and ends up to SS, which means super stylish. This idea is pretty cool because it adds another layer of fun to collecting them. Instead of just looking for the rarest one, you can also look for the one that matches your style the best or just looks the coolest to you.

Who Are Behind Milady NFTs?

The Milady NFT collection comes from the creative minds at the Remilia Collective, with Charlotte Fang playing a key role in its design. This group of artists and technologists aimed to combine artistic expression with digital innovation.

Milady NFT collection
Image source: todaynftnews

Under Charlotte Fang’s direction, the collection emerged as a blend of diverse cultural and fashion influences, setting a new standard for creativity in the NFT world. The Remilia Collective has been instrumental in fostering a community, proving that when art and technology converge, new forms of expression and connection become possible.

The Controversy Around Milady NFT

The journey of the Milady Maker NFT collection has not been without its bumps. While it gained popularity for its innovative art and unique community, it also found itself at the center of controversy. The biggest wave of trouble came in 2022, linked to Charlotte Fang (known on Twitter account as @CharlotteFang77 and had also a pseudonymous account on 4chan called Miya), one of the key figures behind the project. Allegations surfaced that painted a troubling picture of her past actions, including involvement in online behavior that many found offensive and harmful.

These allegations were serious, accusing Fang of participating in and even leading online campaigns that targeted women and vulnerable groups. The impact was immediate and significant, causing a sensation in the Milady community and the broader digital art market. As the news spread, the value of Milady NFTs saw a sharp decline, with many questioning the future of the collection and its place within the NFT space.

In response to the growing controversy, Charlotte Fang stepped down, distancing herself from the project in an attempt to stabilize the situation. She acknowledged her past actions and issued a public apology, hoping to calm the negative backlash and restore faith in the Milady Maker collection. Despite these efforts, the episode left a mark on the project, highlighting the challenges and responsibilities that come with managing digital communities and projects in the fast-moving world of NFTs.

This controversy served as a reminder of the complexities of the digital art world, where the backgrounds and actions of creators can significantly impact the perception and value of their work. It also opened discussions about accountability, the influence of creators on their communities, and the ethical considerations of participating in the NFT market. The Milady Maker NFT collection, once celebrated for its artistic innovation, now also serves as a case study in the potential dangers of mixing art and digital platforms.

What About The Floor Price Of Milady Maker Collection?

From their market debut in March 2021, Milady NFTs started at 0.05 ETH, their price rose significantly to reach 0.2 ETH by the year’s end. But nowadays, according to the most recent figures, their floor price has reached 2.95 ETH. So it looks like the collection will stand the test of time and may have a bright future ahead of it.


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